Evidence from the heart
If the Bible is indeed some kind of revelation from our Creator, then one can expect that it would contain
intimate knowledge of mankind.
As an analogy, imagine a situation where all of mankind had been wiped out,
leaving a few cars who had somehow become conscious.
All the sentient cars got together and started to discuss the issue of their identity, struggling with the question:
“What are we?”

Some cars discussed how they thought they were gigantic paperweights;  others advanced the theory that they were really just living quarters. Finding it difficult to come to a satisfactory answer, they all started to drift toward the answer:

“we are whatever we make ourselves to be.”

Just then, one of the cars came out with a book called “The Owner’s Manual” and proceeded to show the rest of the cars how it explained so many mysteries.

It explained their need for gasoline; it explained the doors and the seats.

Not only that, the manual explained and described components under the hood that the cars themselves were not aware of until they, following the guidelines of the manual, opened their hoods and looked inside.

They realized that this manual must have been written by someone who intimately knew what they were and how they were put together.

In this example, note how the evidence for the validity of the manual came as they subjected themselves to introspection.

Likewise, when we approach the Bible with an open and introspective heart, we find, to our own surprise, that it shows a deep, intimate knowledge of us - a knowledge that could only come from our Creator.

Many of us, as we study the Bible, encounter this unnerving experience of being addressed ever so personally by the Bible.
to belong
unconditional love
We find that the Bible describes our
true condition
and gives voice to
deep longings
that we didn’t know how to express.
It seems that the author knows us, in many cases, better than we know ourselves, suggesting that the Bible might indeed be
the word from the creator.
This is my story
Have you experienced being addressed by the bible?

Please take a moment to consider

What is your personal response to the evidence for the reliability of the bible?

This concludes the first section of chapter 3.

For further reading, a PDF version of Chapter Three can be found here.